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Experiential Marketing During Holidays

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I recently got an e-mail from Anthropology about a book and stuffed toy drive they are having during the holidays.  Each store has a box where people can donate books and stuffed toys for less-fortunate children.  The clothing/home goods store is well-known for their in-store experience and lack of traditional marketing.  By receiving their e-mails, I know about this “community good will” marketing effort (and a good/different way to get people to the store, if you ask me).  But nowhere on their website is there mention of it.

It makes me wonder if they are doing it just to do it, or if it actually means something to the company.  I think this is something we have to ask ourselves as marketers often.  “Are we doing this just to say we did something good?”  “Are we doing this just to say we did something innovative?”  “Will this, in fact, drive business?”  Basically, are our intentions good, and will our actions positively impact the business.  Otherwise, why do it? 🙂

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Thanks For Stopping By

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment

WOW! Talk about appropriate timing from our most recent class discussion. I am on Pottery Barn’s  e-mail list and clicked a link from my e-mail today then browsed around a bit. THEN…

I get a second e-mail with the Subject: “Thanks for Stopping By.”   I open the email, and it’s a picture of what I looked at and the message: “If you need help completing an order please let us know. Call click or visit us at your local Pottery Barn store.” Incredible!

No, I am not doing all of this at work.  🙂

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