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Romeo and Tweeting

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment

“Romeo and Juliet has been given a 21st-century makeover on Twitter – with Shakespeare’s classic lines replaced with the likes of: “Jules is over and out!! Xxx”.

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) production began on Monday and continues over the next five weeks.
A cast of six RSC actors are improvising a story, loosely based on Shakespeare’s classic romance, over real-time on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The actors have been asked to respond to each other, to the “audience” and to real events as they happen around the world.
Their stream of postings – in 140 characters or less – are being relayed to computers from their mobile phones.

Juliet, played by RSC actress Charlotte Wakefield, is a teenager who finds solace over the fact that she has never had a boyfriend by chatting incessantly on the internet.

In one tweet she linked a YouTube video she had made of her room, pausing on the framed photo of her dead mother Susan Capulet.

On her way to school she tweeted, complete with grammatical errors: “Ok now dads beeping at me from the car!! Gotta dash!! Wish I could tweet at school but… I can’t 😦 I promise I’ll be back on after school.

“Jules is over and out!! Xxx”

Juliet’s brother Tybalt, who is on the verge of being kicked out of school, has tweeted the likes of: “Gonna be late for class coz i’ve gotta have breakfast. Couldn’t give a crap!””(UKPA)

What happens at the end when they kill themselves and little Emo tweeters all over the world follow suit? That’s the power of twitter

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Son Sues Mother for Hacking his Facebook

April 9, 2010 Leave a comment

“Because the son is 16, he isn’t being named in the press, but we do know that his mother’s name is Denise New, and we know that she’s shocked about getting a lawsuit dropped on her after breaking into her son’s Facebook account and posting slanderous messages about him.  Here’s what she had to say to the Arkadelphia News upon hearing that she’s getting sued:

“You’re within your legal rights to monitor your child and to have a conversation with your child on Facebook whether it’s his account, or your account or whoever’s account.  It’s crazy to me that we’re even having this interview.”

So, what inspired Denise to break into her son’s Facebook account?  Well, she alleges that someone tipped her off about some untoward things her son had posted to his Facebook feed, and then she was off and running:

“I read things on his Facebook about how he had gone to Hot Springs one night and was driving 95 m.p.h. home because he was upset with a girl and it was his friend that called me and told me about all this that prompted me to even actually start really going through his Facebook to see what was going on.”

“To see what was going on” allegedly included: changing his password for him, writing a series of hurtful things about him through his Facebook feed, and generally acting like a toolbox while presenting herself as him.  New’s son lives with his grandmother (shocker), and once he discovered what his mother had done, he went downtown, filed some paperwork, and slapped her with a lawsuit.”  (Full Story HERE, for further, unrated, commentary, check out Schmucklife)

Personally, I am thrilled to hear about this. If this woman is so immature that instead of confronting her son face to face she changes his Facebook, she deserves whatever punishment she receives. We’ve all had our FBs hacked by a friend or roommate, our status changed to “It’s complicated with” whoever, but when a mother does it to her own son, with obviously malicious intent something needs to be done. Why cause your own flesh and blood that kind of embarrassment?

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Social Media Stats

April 1, 2010 Leave a comment

This video is close to a year old, but its an interesting look at some of the numbers.

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Justin Bieber’s manager arrested for slow Tweeting

March 28, 2010 1 comment

The manager for teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has been arrested on Long Island.

Scott “Scooter” Braun surrendered to Nassau County Police on Wednesday.

His arrest stems from a November mall appearance by Bieber.

When the large crowd became unruly, police told Braun to send out a Twitter message saying the event was canceled. Bieber never got out of the car.

The prosecutor says it took Braun 1 1/2 hours to send two tweets. His lawyer said it took seven minutes.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said Bieber was scheduled to sign autographs at the clothing store, Justice, inside the Roosevelt Field Mall from 4 to 6 p.m. The event was coordinated by Bieber’s record label, Island Def Jam Music Group.

Braun was awaiting arraignment Wednesday in Hempstead. He faces up to one year in jail if convicted. His lawyer said he will plead not guilty to reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance. – (CBS)

This incident struck a chord with me on several different levels(and no, not because I’m a JB fan). Mostly I have a really comical image in my head of  the police yelling at this guy to Tweet ASAP to disperse a crowd of overly rowdy 10 year old girls. Isn’t that what tear gas is for?

I do find it amazing that the police, who I assume have dealt with this sort of situation before, felt that the best course of action to take was to have Bieber’s manager send out a tweet to alert the crowd that the meet and greet was canceled. Has twitter finally reached a point where it is more affective than a bullhorn at getting out information?

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The Avatar ate my baby

March 5, 2010 1 comment

Makes the idea of having an online Avatar a little bit scarier: – A Korean couple let their baby starve to death while they were busy raising a virtual child online, police said. The couple, from Suwon in South Korea, would leave their three-month-old daughter home alone in their apartment while they spent up to 12 hours a day playing a Second-Life style3D fantasy game called Prius Online, The Sun newspaper reports. Police said the couple had become totally immersed in the online game and neglected their real lives, giving their daughter just a bottle of milk per day. Father Kim Yoo-chul, 41, and 25-year-old mother Choi Mi-sun called paramedics when they arrived home from a stint in a net cafe to find their daughter dead In September last year. “She appears to have starved to death because she was not fed for such a long period of time,” a spokesman for Korea’s national crime laboratory said after an autopsy was carried out.

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This made me smile really big

March 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Not much to do with anything, but interesting none the less

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