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Apple Launches First IAd for IPad

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently Apple launched their first iAd for Disney’s ‘Tron Legacy’ movie. This iAd is a preview of the future of Apple mobile ads. Previously, iAds have only run on iPhones and iPhone touch devices. This new platform is designed for the iPad.  iAds will be full of rich media and touch navigation. The Tron iAd is a full page ad featuring 10 minutes of video, images from the movie, theater details, and a preview of the movie soundtrack. Research firm IDC projects iAd will close the year with more than 8% U.S. mobile ad market share, to Google’s nearly 60%.

To learn more about the future of iPad iAds.


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Augmented reality iPhone app tackles color blindness

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

What if iOS apps could go beyond marketing and games and provide help for disabled users. This is the question Dan Kaminsky posed. Kaminsky is a security researcher known for discovering fundamental flaws in the Internet’s design. Currently, he is working on a side project, DanKam inspired by a colorblind friend. This experimental app project targets individuals who are anomalous trichomats, meaning reds and greens shift towards each other in the color spectrum. Kaminsky envisions an app that offers numerous customizable settings for colorblind individuals to experience the same. This application is available in the App Store to be used by iPhones and iPod Touches. To read more about Kaminsky’s DanKam experiment.

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Understanding Online Viewer Abandonment

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

A recent study by Advertising Age dives deeper into the phenomenon known as viewer abandonment. Over a period of time, they studied how viewers watched then abandoned more than 40 million video clips. Surprisingly, findings showed that nearly 20% of viewers abandoned a video within 10 seconds of watching. “Within the first 30 seconds of a video, you can expect to lose 33% of your viewers. At 60 seconds, 44% of the audience that started viewing the clip will have left.” Below is a graph that illustrates average video abandonment by time spent watching.

Ultimately, this phenomenon can effect an online marketing campaign. This data can provide insight into how to properly measure online video metrics.


Find the full story at Advertising Age.

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