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Google: The Search Engine Broadcast Story

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Apparently , Google has decided to change the rules of search engine marketing. This past Monday the giant corporation announced that it was adding a real-time option for every search that we do. Here is an image  of how this works when we searched for google real-time.

Google real-time results are now part of google search results, incorporating , real-time updates such as tweets, Facebook status updates and the sort. But what does this diversification mean about us, the interactive marketers?

Well most importantly this means that Google has a deep understanding of the power of social media. As we know social media are platforms, where people connect with each other and create online communities. These platforms serve as ways communicating and exchange information. There is a big discourse going on about how social media are altering marketing techniques. People use social media to talk about experiences and share them with their communities. These platforms represent streams for Word Of Mouth. We have already seen for example how corporations are making efforts to respond to negative tweets.  tweets & responses

Google real-time could be an opportunity for marketers to monitor how a campaign is going.

Most importantly, Google real-time could be opening the interaction an online marketer has with the masses. Could this be the change that is going to help us marketers deeper understand the role of social media. Web ad.vantage an agency specializing in online marketing and advertising says that this could result in social media playing a part to actually increase exposure and traffic. They also go on to suggesting that as online marketers we should not only consult on search engine optimization but we should also consult on social media optimization.

Don’t we all want to have the best SERP after all?

Nick Meletopoulos

Search Engine Marketing – Trigger Targeting- The Black Friday Story

November 27, 2009 2 comments

Experian Hitwise recently published a report, that depicts that online  Black Friday Traffic Up 87 Percent Pre-Thanksgiving Week. Additionally the report illustrates  a 4% increase compared to the same period in 2008. Is this something related to the bad economy? Are consumers less motivated to visit a physical store unless they find their “call to arms”?

Another interesting piece of information is related to the black friday trigger.

Top sites received traffic from Black Friday Websites. Sites such as aided in directing consumers to retailer’s landing pages. The percent of referred consumer was up 14% than that of the week ending November 21. This important online behavioral  data for marketers striving to provide optimum solutions to their  clients that are under financial stress.We need to identify new paid search opportunities especially in a rough economy such as this.

According to Jason Tabeling, director of search and media at Rosetta search partners can:

  • Help reduce cost per click at a 28% rate
  • You will still be getting 80% of search from primary search engines
  • 6 percent higher cost per conversion on the search networks versus primary search engines.
  • 87 percent of the conversions from primary search engines.

Finally if you want to discover which search partner could provide optimum search engine marketing results for you and your client, run a Referrer Report using your analytics package.

Nick Meletopoulos

The Google-Murdoch rivalry.

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment

It seems as if search engine marketing, and especially the contextual aspect of it is under “siege”. I recently came across the  Columbia Journalism Review on Murdoch, Google and Microsoft. Apparently, Rupert Murdoch, the news Titan has decided to exclude his content from being indexed through Google.

This means that any content produced by his sites will not be available for Google, hurting thus the contextual aspect of e-marketing. There are different opinions on the subject. Most of the critics of this situation say it is a question of power between the King of Traditional media(Murdoch) and the King of new media (Google). Some say Murdoch wants to have a share of the profits that google makes through SEM.

However, for me the problem encompasses more aspects.There are ethical,political and economical questions underlying.1) The ethical  is connected to possible legal Intellectual Property  issues. Journalists produce content that Google can use to make money from.2) The political question is, if this situation continues, to the point where search engined don’t have enough content to provide and share what will happen?  Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist says that the “spirit of the internet is all about people working together”.  What if the internet , the most democratized medium on the world loses its power? Could a situation like this be a step backwards for consumers. Could this lead to the passive consumer of the pre- web 2.0 era? Also could all this be a threat for digital/interactive marketing survival and well-being?

Nick Meletopoulos.

Entertainment Marketing: Paranormal Activity:Engaging Interactively

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Hello world!!!!

So here is an interesting suggestion for engaging and interactive entertainment marketing .

2-3 weeks ago some TV commercials started hitting the screens with eye catching spots of an interesting horror film with a very strong call to action. “If its not showing near you, DEMAND IT, and then followed the link of the movie. (

Since i personally am a huge fan of horror films i immediately went at it. But just before i did i checked the theatre near my place to find out, that the film was not showing there. Next thing you know i visited ( the official site, where i gladly gave them my zip code (geo targeting), and email. And what do you know? They had a consumer profile, that could be used both by Universal and eventful to re-target me in the future. Not to add to the cookies that they collected through me.

Smartly enough they had organized the page in a way to network with other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.If you’re wondering no i did not visit any of those pages, but a lot of people did creating thus , what Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff call Groundswell.

Talking about effectively engaging the consumers, Box Office Mojo  estimated that Paranormal activity is grossing $22,000,000.

Not bad for a film in wich $15,000 was the original investment.

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