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Buffer App – Schedule your Tweets!

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Buffer app is an application that helps you schedule your tweets. The marketing goal for every business is to get the right message to the right people at the right time. After you know what message you want to send and know your target audiences, the next thing is you have to make sure that these right people receive your message. Since everyone has their favorite time to check their Twitter, having Buffer app would increase the chances that people (other than who are on Twitter the same time as you) will see your tweets. With Buffer app, you can schedule up to 10 tweets per day. It is better than Hootsuite and Tweetdeck since you don’t have to add your tweets one by one at a time. Most important thing is that IT’S FREE!!!

Are you ready to sign up for Buffer? If so, here is the link —> buffer

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Obermutten – A SMALL Village Goes BIG

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

A tourism campaign though Facebook of Obermutten — a small town in Graubünden, Switzerland, has been very successful. The idea of this campaign is that if you like the Obermutten Fanpage on Facebook, your profile picture will be posted on town’s bulletin board. This campaign was created by an ad agency, Jung von Matt/Limmat. It is a very brilliant idea to gain attention from the media. The traffic to the Graubünden tourism website has increased to 250 percent. This village has only around 80 residents. Now there are over 15,000 fans from more than 30 countries.

Here is video from the mayor promising everyone’s Facebook profile who liked the Fanpage will be on the town’s board.

I am wondering how many people will actually visit there. But wait, they already did (in some ways)!

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Shopycat – Shopping Will Never Be The Same

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

“Shopycat” is a gift suggestions application on Facebook lunched by Walmart. This new application will provide you some suggestions on what to buy for your Facebook friends based on their Facebook profile’s data which are info, interests, likes, locations, new feeds, and shares. Most of the recommended gifts are from, however,, and other online retails sites are also included.

How it works

Shopycat will ask for a permission to access to our Facebook profile. Then, it will match the keywords from our data with the products by using social genome technology. For example, I like gossip girl TV series, the gift suggestion for me is the gossip girl 16-month wall calendar. When you go to other friends’ connections, the page will show their birthdays on the left and their interests on the right and under that will be the gift suggestions section.

Here is how it looks like

My friend, Chris, likes The Hangover Part II Movie, Boston Red Sox and many more. The application suggested me to get her The Hang Over Part II Blu-Ray+DVD and Boston Red Sox Keychain, and many other gifts based on her interests.

Once I clicked on the product, it will show more details and the link to the website where I can buy it.

This is a perfect application for last-minute shopping, those who don’t know what to get for their friends or those who don’t want to go to the stores. For me, I still prefer going to the store and carefully select the best gifts for friends or family because it is one of the fun processes to make holiday seasons and special occasions more meaningful. Don’t you miss when you walk into the mall and wander around trying to find the best present and see how it really looks like? Especially during the holiday seasons like Christmas, don’t you want to see the stores’ decorations and those lights or sing along with the Christmas hit songs? This application couldn’t replace this kind of feeling.

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