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Is tweeting good for the soul?

March 24, 2011 1 comment

What’s so great about Twitter? This platform turns the idea of communicating with the people who created Kung Fu Panda (for example) into a reality.

There’s always that person who lives on Twitter, tweeting “good morning” to their favorite celebrities, tweeting throughout the day about what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner and who (God forbid) was torn away from their smart phone for a moment would either a) freak out or b) tweet secretly as to not draw too much attention to others, or won’t care what other people say and tweet WHILE spending time with others.

Addicted much…

Technology is becoming a necessary part of everyone’s lives and has vastly changed their behaviors. As of last year, 55 percent of American adults used the Internet every day. Most people with access to the Internet are part of a social network community. More than 500 million people are active users on Facebook and 50 percent of these active users log on to Facebook on a given day.

There’s this constant need for people to stay connected and engaged with others and while Facebook is extremely useful for staying in touch with friends, reconnecting with old friends, lovers, and family members, it can be just as lethal as it is useful. According to Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb, 32 percent of online teenagers have experienced cyberbullying. Over the past year alone, a number of suicides were linked to cyberbullying, including the incident with Phoebe Prince from western Massachusetts and Alexis Pilkington from Long Island.

Despite unfortunate cases, like cyberbullying, people are still engaged with technology and even prefer it to the more traditional counterparts. Many people and most business prefer using email to stay in touch with others opposed to the postal system (a.k.a. snail mail). Millions of people have an email address and it isn’t uncommon for people to have more than one email address these days.

Most of this is common knowledge and call for the “well, duh” reaction but what I’m pointing out is merely the fact that at one time, no one needed this or even utilized it to the levels that people use it today. Technology has many helpful features but its most important contribution to human life is that it’s facilitating evolution.

Technological innovations are happening constantly and it’s driven by human minds. It’s taking us to levels that were once unimaginable. Now the main question here is: how long will we be able to keep up with it before we burn out?

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