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Advertisers Ready to Make an Impression: Web ad business finally moves to a new measurement standard, but it could get messy

December 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Its time to take effective digital ad spend to the next level. Advertisers are slowly getting on board around the concept of viewable impressions as an effective measurement standard. In 2013, “third-party researchers and analytics vendors—at least those accredited by the Media Rating Council—will begin counting only those ads that users can actually see and will stop counting ads that don’t actually appear on screen.” It is an exciting move, however it will take a while for many advertisers to adopt this method of measurement. It will also mean for some publishers that “”nonviewable” inventory will be cut,” and effective ads will be more expensive. It is important for advertisers who end up taking this short term hit to know that it will surely differentiate them in the long run but maximizing their digital ad spend and minimizing waste.

The big idea here is quality over quantity. Advertisers should be looking to identify the digital ads that work and the ads that continue to fall to the wayside.


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The Imminent Mobile Commerce Avalanche

December 4, 2012 Leave a comment

To our generation of tech users, it comes to no surprise that people shop from their mobile devices and tablets with ease….but some are not as comfortable with this type of purchasing behavior. Only 53% of US cell phone users have smart phones which leaves 110 million cell phone users without the ability to access the internet from their phones….THE HORROR!


Retailers should see this as a great opportunity. This means that mobile retailing is still on the rise and is an exciting prospect for many shoppers who are still catching up with the latest and greatest technology. This is the case particularly with tablet usage. “Tablets are the driving force behind this transaction share explosion, as the ease of use and shopping experience on a tablet device lends itself rather well to actual purchase behavior and more closely approximates the desktop buying experience than smartphones.” As new technology continues to present itself, the online/mobile buying behavior will continue to evolve. “The tipping point will be when the average mobile consumer feels comfortable shopping, showrooming and purchasing” online via mobile devices. Until then, retailers should continue to work to offer their customers a convenient and exciting mobile shopping experiences.

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