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“InHouse” App for iPhone/iPod/iPad

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Fox has just announced a new app for the hit television serious House. They will be updating the content every Monday night at 8pm (the same time the show airs on TV) even after this season has finished. The app is called INHOUSE and will feature exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenese footage, photos, the writers favorite “House-sims” and a video blog where the HOUSE writers will discuss different episodes. There will also be different weekly giveaways that include items from the episodes and signed items from the cast.

After the season has finished, they are going to be posting 3 minute ‘appisodes’ starting May 24th every Monday of a show written by the writers of House called “Nurse Jeffrey”. “The series features NURSE JEFFREY (Patrick Price), a Princeton Plainsboro nurse who will explore the world of the hospital that exists beyond the regular characters on HOUSE.”

This is a great way for FOX to keep their HOUSE fans involved and to not forget about the show throughout the summer. Once they download the app, they are likely to interact with the content offered and will likely look forward to Monday’s at 8pm to download the new appisode of “Nurse Jeffrey”, just as they currently look forward to the TV episodes at the same time. The appisodes will take place and hold the position of the HOUSE show on Monday nights at 8pm during the summer when no new episodes are airing.

Anyone going to download this free app?? I probably would if I had an iphone or ipod!

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Rehab clinic for children internet and technology addicts founded

March 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Central London just founded a rehab clinic, not for drugs and alcohol, but for internet and technology addicts. Is this what the younger generation will be checking into rehab for? I suppose it’s better than drugs and alcohol problems…but is it really that out of control?

The age range is for children between 12 and 17, but their main target is 15-17. They thought it was necessary due to the usage of the web, video games and cell phones. The psychologist working with these addicts said “I’ve been contacted by parents who see their children going into a rage when they’re told to turn off their computer. Some end up having to call the police.” They have named these addicts “Screenagers” and have compared their addiction to that of a gamblers. “the service did not aim to make children give up technology use completely, instead they are encouraged to cut out any problem use – like computer games – and restrict the time spent using their phone or computer.”

Here’s the article for more information:

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Facebook Ads

I always find it interesting how the ads on facebook are so relative to the information on your own page. I noticed the option the other day to “create an ad”. I went through the process and took some screen shots, it’s very similar to the google ads that Rob showed us in class last week. I think it’s great that this is an option for people because they can target specific people or a more broad target depending on the key words, and it’s all on one site. This is especially great for small businesses who want to drive traffic to their website, and people are more likely to share with a friend. I really liked the option offered that said “Target people on their Birthday”, you can’t get more specific then that!

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