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Optimize your fan page through taking a flight with Delta

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Delta Airways, which might not be the leading brand in airline industry, is definitely one of the best players in terms of digital marketing and Facebook usage.   L2 IT Digital IQ index published a report about the online performance of main-brands players in travel industryand evaluated those brands’ digital effort across site, digital marketing, social media, and mobile. Guess what, Through L2’s analysis and evaluation, Delta is the first ranking on the list of 89 travel brands.


Let’s see how Delta optimized Facebook usage to engage to their customers.


Not just showing the first impression, but the best impression

When customers land in Delta Facebook fan page, they will find the page looks alike an official web-page that displays Delta’s news and developments. More than offering latest news as more jets are providing wi-Fi service, more routes will be available, and first class is coming to regional jets, the custom landing pages allows users to interact with Delta by “like” each piece of news.


Not just being your “friend” online, but serving you the best

People are lazy, and consumers want travel planning to be as easy as possible — make it that way by letting them book vacations without having to leave Facebook. Embedding a booking widget can make that happen easily.Delta was the first adopter by launched their Ticket Counter—a Facebook online booking application— on August 2010.  No more being re-directed to the carrier’s main and external website to obtain results and make bookings for Delta Facebook fans.Since then, Delta has embedded several service on Facebook. Users can log in to view their SkyMiles account balance, check in for their flight, check their flight status, and view their itineraries without leaving Facebook.

Not just being a carrier, but a fun deliver

Delta understands that everything happening on Facebook are all for one reason, to engage and to keep in touch with your friends. On Nov 1st 2011, Delta just launched a new Facebook application featuring enables people to plan a book a group trip entirely within Facebook.

Here are some high-light features of Delta Away weGo:

1.  Maps & activity suggestions- No idea about your next trip? search for places to go and fun things to do at your trip destination via the app.

2. Simple, private ways to plan your trip- invite guests from your existing Facebook friends list and privately share your trip information on Facebook.

3. Trip wizard- name your trip and give your friends an attractive description of your journey .

4. RSVP tracker- Keep up with your team’s status. who’s coming and who already booked their tickets.

5. Schedule organizer- Edit your travel schedule with your gang, and share travel tips.

6. Countdown calendar- Lets you know just how many days before the fun begins!


Not just being a fan page, but being a live friend page

Through Delta’s practice on Facebook, a brand should no longer be satisfied with being a “celebrity” to engage with its “fans” via incentive conversation. A looking-forward brand should expect itself to be the best friend of their customers. Think about the qualities and characters of a welcome friend, and you might get some ideas to be embraced by your customers.



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Augmented reality—imagine a real world with magic

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment

What is Augmented reality? According to Wikipedia, “Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.” As a smart marketer, you might have several brilliant ideas of how to use it to create unique customer experience.

Here are some usages for you to refresh your mind.


Outdoor Billboard—take a step further into a giant’s world

 If you have been to New York City and had a chance to wander around Time Square, you must be attracted by a billboard advertising which is sponsored by Forever 21. It’s no surprise that you can see yourself being projected on a big screen, the thing is there were pretty girls showing in the screen and tried to take a photo of you. It is not news for marketers because the advertising has been there for a while; however, a magic show just happened in Nov in Times Square as well, and you would never forget it.

This year Walt Disney created a campaign to celebrate his 83-year-old birthday on Nov 18th. The Disney Parks team installed a 60-foot digital billboard for customers to experience an augmented reality at the Disney Store in Times Square. It’s not a surprise that visitors can interact with characters projected on the big screen as the experience with Forever 21. In spite of it, many of the character interactions are done live. That means that the characters can respond directly to how guests are moving and reactions from the crowds, and guests can experience their favorite characters coming to live. Check out the video and you can feel the magic to hang out with Disney’s lovely characters.



Mobile Application –experience a miniature fantasy in your hand

Since the number of smart-phone users keeps increasing, mobile marketing becomes another popular platform for marketers to extend brand experience to customers. Consumers always have their smartphone device on hand and make animations come to life not only helps engage consumers, but creates a unique experience for them.

This November, Starbucks was not just as a coffee retailer at a street corner on your way to work, it brought coffee to life via interactive augmented reality application. As an initiative to promote its seasonal holiday flavor, Starbucks has released its new Starbucks Cup Magic app. Consumers can discover Starbucks holiday characters, which are found on the red cups, coffee bags and signage, and they can animate their coffee cups with their smartphones. The application also provides traditional and social sharing capabilities. Users can send ecards as well as holiday offers from Starbucks, among other things.



Mobile application featuring interactive animated reality is prevalent globally. In Korea, a beverage brand crossed-over with music industry popular icon—Girl’s Generation—and launched a series of mobile applications. When customers or fans download the application and scan a beverage can, an idol of Girl’s Generation shows up and dances with the can. The app provides a unique experience to own Girl’s Generation in their hand. Oh by the way, there are nine girls in the group, so loyal and fanatical fans must be busy downloading the series of application nine times.


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Travel in an “e”asy style

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment

If you are a travel maniac, you must have been through these terrible experiences; you did not know your flight canceled until you arrived at the airport, or you lost your mind because of your travel guide is not customized for your needs. Smart marketers captured these unsatisfied need and innovated their service through online tools.  Imagine your journey would be taken in this way…

Plan your trip

Need some inspiration for your upcoming trip? Buying a guide book is kind of old-fashion and not eco-friendly; besides, it’s not easy to find a book which perfectly matches to your wants and needs.  Check out, which features accessibility to edit your customized guide book.  Pick up your destinations, filter attractions, and create your own guide book on hand.

Delta Airlines recently released a Facebook widget for users to plan a trip easier and more interesting. You can get some ideas of which destinations to go, name your trip, invite your friends to join the trip, and plan the trip schedule all together. The widget even embeds a function to count down how many days left for starting the trip! Users can enjoy the trip before it happens.

Get aboard

After booking your flight tickets and hotels online, you will get a confirmation letter in your mailbox. Take an easy step to forward your mail to “”, and then you can read your reservations on your smartphone through an app. It’s really convenient  for users  because of the ability to collect all booking information organized on hand; beyond that,  users can keep posted of their flight status.  There are plenty of similar apps available to download, give them a try and see which one is most preferable for you.

Try to avoid wasting time for check-in? Go check-in online beforehand by yourself and save your time! Many airlines provide online check-in service for passengers with carry-on luggage.  Using online check-in service prior to your departure at airports helps to skip the process of waiting in line. Printing boarding pass by yourself or receiving mobile boarding pass on your mobile devices are either workable.

Enjoy your trip

Many people recording their journey by taking photos; however, some people are hesitated to do it without a professional camera. Now, leave it away if you have a smartphone on hand. Many photography apps are waiting to make your photos look amazing.  For example, my favorite photography iPhone app, Instagram, evokes 1970s style and features many lenses effect. Currently, Instagram is not available for Android users, but don’t be upset. Mashable releases a report introducing 8 best Android Apps for photo editing. Check it out and enjoy your journey by capturing the beautiful moment.

Share your story

One of the fun parts for traveling is to share your travel experiences to others.  Some people are addicted to online check-in, and can’t wait to let people know where they are; while some people prefer to post their stories and share their travel tips to others.  Tripadvisor provides not only a useful and fun widget for users to mark places where they have been, but also embeds features for travelers to evaluate each attraction and to share with their friends.

Are you ready for the coming winter break? Start your vacation with these tips and make your trip more fun and easier!!


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