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10 Most Annoying Things About Online Ads

December 7, 2011 Leave a comment

The following list may seem cynical, and pessimistic (choose any word you like), but it is the truth that we all have had toward online ads. It is important to remember this list when making your own ad, because this is what most average Joe consumer has to deal with.

  1. When the online ad takes over your entire screen and there is no way of getting out of it. I am not sure what it is but when an ad disrupts me from doing my work and forces me to watch what they have to offer, it drives me crazy. So much in fact, that if its a product I am on the fences about, I will most likely avoid that product forever.
  2. When I see an ad for someones twitter account, its just annoying. Knowing how to tweet and having some followers should not be a career
  3. When there is a banner ad with sound, which hides the mute button. Extremely annoying
  4. Certain sites (will remain nameless) that seem to think they know you and have ads that are only for you. Its unbelievably annoying to think that some website knows me just from a few purchases I have made
  5. As a fellow marketer it annoys me to see online ads that are sad and depressing looking. I mean you are trying to entice people to do something, don’t make them turn away because your ad is pathetic looking
  6. When an ad has a mixture of UpPEr CaSe and LoWeR CaSe letters. Do they really think that this is going to entice us to find out more about them by doing that
  7. If you are watching a movie or television show that is interrupted for a brief commercial break which you cannot skip through. I know that for sites to show this entertainment they have to make money somehow but could I maybe have the choice to interrupt in the beginning or the end. Just not when I am really into the movie or show.
  8. To continue on number seven…If these ads ask me if what I saw was relevant to me. They just interrupted my show and now they want me to discuss if it was relevant. Not a chance
  9. If an ad tells me about winning a contest. This one wouldn’t annoy me so much if I didn’t fall for it once every couple of months.
  10. A huge annoyance is when the ad turns out to be a virus or spam. No explanation needed
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iPads helping doctors help us

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Millions of people own iPads; even doctors. To this writer it is not a shock to think that the medical profession has fell in love with a piece of technology that will ultimately make their jobs easier. Apple is not allowed to promote it for specific medical device uses, but they can promote it as a general use computing device. The FDA will be watching very carefully because they do not have a problem with the iPad itself, but the apps and other software being run on the iPad.

For some doctors the iPad can save an hour to an hour and a half per day. Many doctors feel that bringing their iPad for professional into the home gives them the ability to be far more interactive and productive then they could have ever imagined.

Hospitals aren’t speedy adopters of new computer technology, but the iPad has freed up doctors to read papers and look up information no matter where they are — at home, while traveling, or doing hospital rounds.

There really is something to be said for a technological innovation that can help sick people. Is it too far of a reach to say that the iPad could help save lives.

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Jim Collins talk

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

This post may not be directed exclusively towards the digital realm, but when you are given the opportunity to hear someone as influential as Jim Collins speak you blog about it. For those of you who may not know Jim Collins is a researcher, writer, and all around great business mind. He has written or co-authorized such amazing works as Good to Great, and Built to Last. Jim has had the privilege of interviewing and picking the brain of some of the worlds greatest business people, and has used past occurrences to help others gain a better insight into success.


Jim covered many topics and shared many viewpoints which all included great metaphors, because you can’t have a great talk without some metaphors. It was at the end of his speech that brought it all together in these ten items:

  1. Read his book and visit his website, there is something to learn (of course he would suggest that one)
  2. Make sure that your company bus has its seats filled with the right people. Who is driving? Can the people on the bus handle situations that may come up in a fiscal year?
  3. Double your questions to statements ratio in the next year. What he means by this is that to become successful there should be more listening and learning than talking. Some of the most successful people in business did not get there by preaching to the choir. They got there by learning from others and getting as much information from people as possible. Jim said that his mentor told him once that, “Jim you seem to spend a ton of time trying to be interesting, why don’t invest more time in being interested”
  4. You have to sit down with your team and say to yourselves, “What are the brutal facts we have to confront”
  5. Set your ten mile march and stick to it. Jim is referring to marching forward with a goal in mind and not exceeding it. Know your limits and don’t go past them because slow and steady will win the race. Companies that are successful set their mark and reach it for years and years and years. The flash in the pan over extends and regrets it after the flash has fizzled
  6. Fire five new bullets by next year. When you are trying to hit something with that one big strike with your cannon, don’t take bad cannon shots until you get to the target. Use small gun shots to use for aiming and when you are ready then fire your cannon (the big idea). “Navigate the uncertainty”
  7. Be stable enough to go an entire you without any revenue, because someday you may have to
  8. Create a stop doing list. Work is infinite, time is finite. Managing your work can lead to nervous break down, the only thing we can do is manage our time
  9. This goes with number 8…TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRONIC GADGETS for time every day or week (your preference). Give yourself time to be alone and think
  10. Set a 15 year BHAG (big hairy audacious goal). When some of our greatest leaders fell in the past one way they were able to get back up was to focus on that one big hairy audacious goal so far away it worked.
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