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Marketing to the Next Generation: A mystery solved

December 17, 2012 2 comments

Marketers have a tough job now a day. Standing out and breaking through all the clutter of messages can be hard when according to the article ”Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists” the average American is exposed to over 3,000 commercial messages every day. Adding to the difficulty is that every day now we have more outlets than ever before to deliver those messages. The decision of what to say, to who, where and finding the correct combination of these three elements has become exponentially challenging.

Thankfully the marketing geniuses at Lit Motors have solved this problem for all marketers. Apparently we have been wasting our time coming up with unique messages because the young consumer has only time and interest for one thing: their smartphones. So of course it makes perfect sense for Lit Motors’ highly innovative two person motorcycle been marketed as “Your rolling Smart Phone”.

Lit Motors

It makes perfect sense to compare your motorcycle to your smart phone because I ride my iPhone to school every day. It is not like a smartphone is a common object you see everywhere. How did older generations move from point A to point B without a phone to take them there? The smartphone is the most innovative and coolest product ever created period and everything I want to own better be somehow a derivation of it. Never mind discussing the features of this new product or try to convince me on how it is different from everything else out there. I want to know if I can upload a picture of my plate of spaghetti I had from lunch on Instagram from this vehicle.
Now thanks to Lit Motors, as a marketer I am more prepared to create the best campaign ever created targeted at the young and hip consumer. All I have to do is compare whatever I am selling to a smartphone and the kids will follow. Genius! The mystery to marketing to Generation Y is solved and I am better marketer thanks to it. If you want to be inspired by the brilliant marketing tactics of this company I invite you to visit at

Happy smartphoning!

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Twitter Chats

November 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Twitter is my favorite social media site out there. In fact, I get most of my news from there. Where else can you follow industry leaders, CMO and instantly know the trending topics of the day all at the same time? In addition, my feeds ranges from technology, to PR, to advertising, to travel, to NGOs, to entertainment, to local as well as global news and many more. Therefore, Twitter gives me a broader look into the world I live in. The reason for my post is to share with you something else I love about Twitter, the “Chat” sessions provided by various companies. Here are three sessions that I participate in (when time permits):

1. #Awschat (by Advertising Week) Twitter: @advertisingweek

The #awschat takes place every Tuesday (unless stated otherwise) at 1pm. Any body interested in advertising is welcomed to join and share they opinions. Usually there are 4-5 questions asked and time is allocated to each question in order to allow discussions, and retweets.Each week, the questions vary. Here’s one question asked that was asked during the chat:

Q2 (11/27/2012): When is “quirky” productive? Why?

2. #PRcafe (by Ideal Publicity LLC) Twitter: @IdeaPublicity

The #prcafe chat is held every Wednesdays (unless stated otherwise) at 1pm. They chat focused on different aspects of PR as well as well as bring guest experts. Topics range from restaurant pr, to client relationship pr, to sports pr, and many more. Here’s one question that was asked during the chat:

Q2 (11/28/2012): What do you think is a crucial need that people forget to invest in when it comes to their brand? #prcafe

3. #SoloPR (by Solo PR Pro) Twitter: @SoloPR

The #solopr chat is held every Wednesdays (unless stated otherwise) at 1pm. You might have noticed that it goes on at the same time as the #prcafe but it is easy to navigate between the two. This chat focuses on different aspects of pr as well. Some of the topics are ROI, social media, project fees, asking client feedback, PR journalism, transitioning from agency to solo and many more. Here’s one question that was asked during the chat:

Q4 (11/28/2012): Are you seeing any trends among clients for 2013? Budgets up or down? New areas of focus (or downplaying others)? #solopr

There are probably many more, but I haven’t mastered this yet. Also, sometimes the questions are not relevant to you because you are still in school and haven’t gained the experience yet. However, the insights you gain from just reading other people’s responses is priceless. Yes, textbooks and lectures will teach you a thing or two but how will you know exactly what goes on in the marketing field if you don’t hear it from the people who live it everyday?

Measuring ROI within Social Media campaigns – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

This year Proctor & Gamble’s Old Spice and the ad agency Weiden & Kennedy (W+K) received significant attention with their innovative integrated marketing campaign which started with tv broadcast spots and then moved into the social media space. Many hailed the creative effort, but some industry experts, including BrandWeek and Fast Company initially questioned the effectiveness of the campaign asking if it drove revenue. (Once updated figures were released, several publications quickly made corrections).

While there are many different ways for determining a campaign’s success (awareness, demand, increased likelihood to purchase), in most cases, Creative has to prove its value and that the work must positively contributed to the bottom line. W+K and P&G took great care in monitoring the Old Spice campaign in the digital form (views, tweets, unique page views and engagement) and in the form of a ringing register (sales, market share, share of voice). This enabled them to correlate the social media effort (as a part of the overall IMC strategy) with an increase in brand awareness, engagement, market share (both for body wash, and in a ripple effect, other Old Spice product categories), and finally and most importantly to the CFO – an increase in sales and revenue.

The video made by W +K (post below) is a great case study for not just a social media campaign, but also how an agency/marketing team can show how a campaign can effect the bottom line. The Old Spice campaign, with W + K’s help, has been able to do something rare in the industry today: combine memorable, outstanding creative with the almighty dollar.

In addition to the increase in market share and profits, the campaign has received accolades and awards, including an Emmy). The idea of the “Man your man could smell like” has even taken on meme status, and truly has gone viral, enough for even Sesame Street to notice.

Hopefully this creative success will lead to more innovative campaigns overall that are smart and resonate with the target audience, making just a bit more of all that communication clutter worth paying attention to.