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Humanizing brands

December 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently I came across a blogpost written by Sean Hazell ” 8 Reasons Misery Loves Your Non-Human Company”. Few years back I wouldn’t have understood the relevance of this but today it holds true more than ever for most of the brands. We see brands like Comcast, Jetblue, Best Buy constantly talking to their customers getting a feedback, addressing issues. Social media has enabled two way communication between the brands and their customers. Customers, who are loyal to these brands and would like to play a significant role in the brand’s evolution. Today it is okay for a brand to make a mistake as long as they own up to it. Customers trust their brands to do the right thing. They share a love-hate relationship with their brands just like they do with their friends.  Customers use their favorite brands as a means of self-expression when they tweet about their experiences, like a post on Facebook or pin pictures of their new google phone. As the customers interact with their brands on various online platforms they build stories and memories around their brands and when the brand reciprocates with good customer service or a quick fix to their problem it is well-appreciated. They attach certain attributes to these brands which is above and beyond the functional attributes and much more emotional and human. It is real, honest and sticky. Without these personalities the brand is meaningless.