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The Art of Listening to Customers 365 days!

December 18, 2012 Leave a comment

The nation is still trying to make sense of why evilness reached Sandy Hook Elementary School and took the lives of many innocent souls and those adults that cared for them. Tragedies like these affect everybody and it becomes a big part of society. What is the appropriate approach for companies during this time?  A great example here is Jet Blue. According to Mashable, Jet Blue made sure that a letter written by Noah’s cousin reached Connecticut in time for Noah’s funeral. Noah’s mother had asked all the family members to write later that would be buried with Noah.

The reason I bring this up is not for companies to suddenly start doing something to show their sympathy. Actually, I have a problem with a lot of companies trying to get behind a cause that doesn’t align with their mission or those who try too hard to create a great PR image. However, Jet Blue has keep an on-going conversation with customers on social media sites and therefore can justify doing such gesture. Hence, here are several reasons why I bring this up:

1. Companies should always lend their ear to their customers (especially since the digital era has allowed customers to be more available and willing to engage with companies). Do you really like those friends who talk your ear out but they don’t listen to anything you have to say?

2. What affects society affects companies too (at this point  customers are heartbroken due to this tragedy). Being proactive is the best way to keep consistent with any company’s brand.

3. Companies shouldn’t do anything if all they want is free publicity. This is why customers have grown to distrust companies.

As a company, you have to be you and be real. Listening is a great skill that brings about unplanned publicity. It also shows you what customers really NEED and not what you think they NEED. I hope that as we move forward in the future, that companies will riley for causes and events that they really believe in, while truly catering to their customers. It is my hope that one day companies will be heroes and not villains. I also hope to be part of that change, STAY TUNED!



A peace message from Puerto Rico

December 17, 2012 1 comment


Social media is a known to be a powerful marketing tool and therefore in Puerto Rico its users are using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote the message of peace.

This small island in the Caribbean has been facing a huge wave crime in the past few years with over 1,000 people being murdered in 2011 alone. Recently a publicist called José Enrique Gómez was carjacked by 4 suspects with no guns, taken to an ATM machine to withdraw $400 and then set on fire. This violent murder has been the final straw for the citizens of this island who are tired of living with nothing but crimes reported on the news.

People have taken to social media to pour the messages of peace and to promote the end of the violence in the country. Several Facebook groups popped up overnight reaching over 50,000 supporters in 24 hours. They all have been promoting the message of “Todos somos Jorge Steven” (“We are all Jorge Steven”) and “Los Buenos Somos Mas” (“The Good Guys are More”). The hashtags associated with this peace message: #todossomosjorgeenrique, #unabrazoparapuertorico, #losbuenossomosmas and #bastaya are still being used weeks after the movement started. This is a good sign because in the social media world movements rise and fall with a lifespan of a few days at most. This message of peace has also been kept strong by increasing support from local celebrities like Ricky Martin and by the news spreading globally and supporters joining from other countries.

This social media movement has also moved the message from the social media outlets to major news outlets not only in Puerto Rico but around the world. It has also inspired the citizens to voice their message from the virtual world to the real world by organizing vigils for victims, peaceful marches and conversations in daily life.


The impact of this virtual conversation has taken one step further. The mother of one of the suspects saw her son’s picture on Facebook in a movement to find the perpetrators and made him turn himself in to the police.

This movement has been causing some powerful impacts to the social health of a wounded country. There is hope in how the conversations are being kept alive and that people are not forgetting to keep interest in spreading the message. Hopefully 2013 will be the first time in over a decade where Puerto Ricans will see a year in decreasing murder rates and less violence in their daily lives.