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Developing countries going mobile

December 6, 2012 Leave a comment

According to Statcounter, there were 431 million mobile Web users in China alone at the end of 2011. A rise of 50% percent from the last year. If these stats are accurate, then China has more mobile Internet users than there are people in the US. Growth in mobile Web penetration is strongest in Asia and Africa, where PC penetration is lower. In many developing nations, the majorities of mobile web users are mobile-only; highest include Egypt at 70 percent and India at 59 percent. In Kenya, 99 percent of Internet connections are mobile.  The sheer number of mobile users in these countries is enough to make the marketers include mobile as an integral part of their marketing strategies. Despite of all the statistics and data, showing the increasing popularity of mobile phones, marketers still under utilize it.

When looking at the adoption of mobile phones, it is the access to mobile technology that is reshaping the way people and communities are finding information about products and services in developing countries.There is most assuredly a tremendous opportunity for a brand to set itself apart from the competition by taking full advantage of the fact that more and more consumers are going mobile. It’s all about reaching an audience at the right time and right place. So why not market the customers via sms and banners that ties in with rich media and other media platforms.


One of the good examples is the campaign designed for Cornetto to engage young ice-cream eaters and included SMS, PR, interactive outdoor and promotional marketing. Using a wall projection system, Cornetto took over the outside of a building in Taksim, Turkey’s equivalent to Times Square. Anyone with any phone could play a game in which people texted to move images around the projection. Winners got a free ice cream, redeemable on the spot. It made the national news and became the talk of Turkey.