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Designed QR Code

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Have you ever paid attention to a QR code lately? Some of us know what is QR code, some of us have used QR codes for couple times; however, most of the QR codes don’t really draw people’s attention.

As we know, QR code is originally from Japan and you can see QR code everywhere on such as posters, name cards,stores, labels or T-shirts.  When I travelled to Japan this summer, for example, I was curious about the information about some electronic devices such as cameras, laptops, and cell phones. But after trying several times, I became confused about what I had scanned and finally stopped doing scanning until something interesting came to me. 

It was a designed QR code from Red Cross in Japan. This QR code quickly aroused my interest and led me to a micro website, which I could make a donation immediately.

Generally speaking, QR code can be tapped into different marketing tools. If you have a business card, instead of providing the e-mail address, company website, and phone number, a designed QR code on the card can easily  create a connection with customers if they are interested in your business. Additionally, by using designed QR code, one can make a phone call directly without having any numbers. But there are something we should keep in mind before spreading QR codes. The messages on QR codes should be clear, noticeable and the most important is, being sensitive enough for smart phones to scan.

A designed QR code is also a innovative way to create word of mouth. With the popularity of smart phones, it’s amazingly easy to share cool ideas and anything engaging. People would like to be involved in things that can interact with and then spread those ideas.

Check those QR codes out and see what you will get.