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I’m gonna be RICH!

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Once in a while, when my mood is down and I want a good laugh, I check my spam folder. In the past few weeks, I’ve inherited a lot of money…

It appears Alfred “Deshpande” died and I get half of his money. I like to believe he is the same guy who worked for Batman.


Beware of Alfred Deshpande who worked for Batman!

Ken Morgan is generous too!

Ken Morgan is very generous!

Yes we can COUNT, sort of…

March 31, 2010 Leave a comment

This will be a really short blog, I hope. Yesterday riding the T, I was struck by all the commercial billboards advocating the Census. Forgive me if somebody already mentioned this, but this looks like a job for …. wait for it…. a super Social Media marketer. C’mon Son, to borrow a line from Ed Lover, in the social age we can’t figure out a way for people to fill out this stuff and email it in? Aren’t there enough people, and we’re in the 10’s of millions by now, using online media from facebook to twitter., to warrant exploration of a field test mixing social media and record data like the census? I realize this argument sounds vaguely familiar to the one U.S. citiznes have every four years at election time, “Why can’t we email our vote?” or  “why can’t we do this on Saturday?” but NOW I am really serious.  The commercial’s mantra is “We can’t go forward, until you mail it back.” I admit, the slogan is very catchy. I have even seen a newer spin on “Yes We Can” ala the President’s campaign for the Census entitled “Yes We Count!” I like this spin also. I believe we could go one more step further. How about “Yes E-Can Count!” or “United E-Stand.” I know its not the greatest slogan, but you get the idea. Those of us emailers and mobile users UNITE. Imagine you could go online, fill out your census, and fewer trees are used. Sorry, mail carriers, there about to phase out Saturday anyway, so its one more piece of mail you won’t be delivering. But according to analysts, we’re not mailing them in either. How cool would a social media campaign around the Census be? I think very. Or how setting up e-kiosks in malls. During your Easter, if you commemorate, shopping you stop by the kiosk fill out the info, done.

Well those are my two cents. Before you ask, I snail mailed my Census in already. Did you? Do you wish you could’ve emailed it? Just asking. 😉