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Facebook Ads and Facebook Page 101

February 3, 2011 1 comment
The Wall Street Journal recently published the article How Much Does A Facebook Fan Cost? $1.07, provided some interesting statistics about Facebook Ads. Based on the research done by Webtrends, brands are paying $1.07 advertising cost for encouraging people becoming a fan on Facebook. Did you know that your “like” actually cost that much money? I’ve always thought the “like” is just a button that I can click. But, in fact, it’s a lot more complicated than that.
Brands use Facebook page rather than Facebook profile for a variety of reasons, and one reason is that having a Facebook page allows brands to place Facebook Ads on Facebook. A Facebook page is actually very different from a Facebook profile as a Facebook page is much more flexible than just a profile. Through a Facebook fan page, brands can update their news, communicate with their fans, create contest pages, provide coupons and use other kinds of promotion tactics. More importantly, a Facebook page provides insights. How detailed are the Facebook insights? They are VERY detailed.
There are two sections: users and interactions. The graph is a page insight overview. On the top right-side you can choose the time period to see the results, and the insight will show you how many new likes, lifetime likes, and monthly active users you have during the time period you’ve selected. It also shows you the interactions such as how many people view your posts and how many people post feedbacks. Well, that’s not it!
If you click the “See Details” beside Users or Interactions, you can see a the Daily Active User Breakdown (# of people view the posts, # of people post on the wall, # of people like the posts, and # of people leave a comment) with a graph provided. There’s also a graph just for New Likes (daily likes and daily unlikes), and provided with like sources (e.g., page, search, request). Then, there’s a demographic section: age, gender, countries, cities and languages. The last section in user details is Activity, which shows the page views, tab views and external referrers. In the interaction details, in addition to the # of post views and # of feedbacks, it provides the impression (# of views) of your every post and the feedback (in percentage). The insights are important for brands because then they are able to see the user’s demographic breakdowns and how their page is doing.
Facebook Ads is a way to drive traffic to the Facebook page, and it allows a brand to select its own target, from user demographics to user interests. The narrower the target is, the higher bid (higher cost) it would be. There’s two ways a brand can pay for the ads: one is to pay per impression (1000 views), and the other is to pay per click; pay per click would be more expensive than pay per impression, but then a brand only needs to pay when the ad gets a click (like). Depending on the purpose of the ad campaign, brands need to measure which one is more suitable/cost-effective for them.
However, does a “Like” or a fan essentially mean anything at all to the brand? Will the fans keep coming back to check the fan pages? Brands need to carefully monitor their Facebook page and insights. See 4 Common Mistakes Brands Make on Facebook.