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Embellishment on YouTube: Safe when it’s fake.

November 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Holy crap.  If this isn’t the best use of YouTube marketing, I don’t know what is.  For those of you writing anything about YouTube, consider this:

There are a few videos showing terrible things that can be done to iPads in this case the prove its worth beyond comprehension.  Billy Mays and Ron Popeil are jealous, I can feel it.  Can you imagine dropping a Ronco Food Dehydrator out of an airplane?  You’d need a lot of Mighty Putty to fix it and a ton of OxyClean if it hit someone on the way down.  Will It Blend guy, eat your heart out (will this case blend?).

This brings up an interesting point: if you’ve got it, flaunt it.  Chances are you’ll never drop your iPad out of a plane on purpose, but it’s important to show, and occasionally exploit your positives.  Remember those Toshiba commercials with the Impact Smart hard drives?  Sure, there are no such things as a zombies, but that weird guy down the street might scare you into dripping your laptop when you’re outside posting his picture on America’s Most Wanted’s Facebook page.

Extremes make us think, but don’t make them hit too close to home or you’ll scare people.

Robert Slack

iPhone 4S: Two hot features

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

The next iPhone is always a hot topic in the digital world, with all sorts of buzz surrounding it throughout the year.  Now that the veil has been lifted on the iPhone 4S and it’s been co-launched with the operating system, iOS5, a couple of its numerous features are already proving to be influential and worth noting in the interactive and e-communication world.

The first of two features to highlight is actually available to any Apple device that is upgraded to the iOS5 operating system. Twitter has been directly integrated into the operating software running on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. Apple has made it even easier to share photos, videos, location information, maps and more. Users are prompted to enter Twitter account information (not required), and after doing this once there is no need to re-enter at any point. This has the potential for a heavy impact in consumer-generated content and online buzz. Any iOS5 user can upload information on products, services, and brands even more easily then before, making conversation monitoring even more of a necessity (if it wasn’t already). Businesses may look to use this easy-tweet feature in the near future when encouraging feedback or word-of-mouth chatter involving their brands.

Twitter integration in iOS5

A second feature of the new iPhone is exclusive to the 4S device and does not come available on any other iOS device. Siri, “the intelligent assistant that’s there to help,” as Apple describes, incorporates vocal commands into a mobile device more efficiently and fully than ever before. Not only does the iPhone 4S take dictation as several Android phones before it, but you can speak to Siri as you do to a person, and it will interact with you. A user can ask Siri to remind them to pick up milk on the way home, where the nearest gas station is, or even if they’ll need a jacket for tomorrow. Siri responds by doing the task requested or with an answer or directs the user to an app or a webpage. This new form of interaction with technology has garnished a lot of critical acclaim and is sure to have an affect on new devices and how we use technology in the future.

Siri, iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4s and iOS5 are chock-full of impressive features, and it appears that Apple is continuing to foster innovation in its new products.

Does Twitter Impact Stock Prices?

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment

By Jessica Malcolm

As everyone probably knows, on January 27, Apple released the iPad, but not everyone was following Twitter and stocks during Steve Jobs’ speech. Leading up to the hyped unveiling, Apple’s stock prices increased as consumers took to social media to discuss the possible products which could be unveiled. The most popular topic was the Apple tablet, which consumers were very enthusiastic about. Yet, once Jobs’ took the stage and announced exactly what everyone thought he would announce, Apple’s stock immediately fell 4% (for more information about the exact stock prices

Similar to Stock prices, enthusiasm on Twitter seemed to die down. As more of the iPad’s features were exposed, consumers expressed their interest or disinterest in the product. Seemingly enough the Tweets were reflected in consumer’s enthusiasm and distain for the product (For an in-depth look at the Tweets during As consumer opinion changed from the iStink to the iFantastic stock prices rose. Is someone on Wall Street tracking Twitter and advising traders to buy or sell in regards to the sentiment on Twitter? Its possible, Twitter is a quick check of the consumer’s pulse and opinion’s about a product or service and can accurately gauge if consumers are likely to purchase a product based on a sentiment. As marketers, we can use information gleaned from Twitter to combat rumors and make sure that their concerns are met with marketing.