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Marketing to the Next Generation: A mystery solved

December 17, 2012 2 comments

Marketers have a tough job now a day. Standing out and breaking through all the clutter of messages can be hard when according to the article ”Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists” the average American is exposed to over 3,000 commercial messages every day. Adding to the difficulty is that every day now we have more outlets than ever before to deliver those messages. The decision of what to say, to who, where and finding the correct combination of these three elements has become exponentially challenging.

Thankfully the marketing geniuses at Lit Motors have solved this problem for all marketers. Apparently we have been wasting our time coming up with unique messages because the young consumer has only time and interest for one thing: their smartphones. So of course it makes perfect sense for Lit Motors’ highly innovative two person motorcycle been marketed as “Your rolling Smart Phone”.

Lit Motors

It makes perfect sense to compare your motorcycle to your smart phone because I ride my iPhone to school every day. It is not like a smartphone is a common object you see everywhere. How did older generations move from point A to point B without a phone to take them there? The smartphone is the most innovative and coolest product ever created period and everything I want to own better be somehow a derivation of it. Never mind discussing the features of this new product or try to convince me on how it is different from everything else out there. I want to know if I can upload a picture of my plate of spaghetti I had from lunch on Instagram from this vehicle.
Now thanks to Lit Motors, as a marketer I am more prepared to create the best campaign ever created targeted at the young and hip consumer. All I have to do is compare whatever I am selling to a smartphone and the kids will follow. Genius! The mystery to marketing to Generation Y is solved and I am better marketer thanks to it. If you want to be inspired by the brilliant marketing tactics of this company I invite you to visit at

Happy smartphoning!

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Designed QR Code

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Have you ever paid attention to a QR code lately? Some of us know what is QR code, some of us have used QR codes for couple times; however, most of the QR codes don’t really draw people’s attention.

As we know, QR code is originally from Japan and you can see QR code everywhere on such as posters, name cards,stores, labels or T-shirts.  When I travelled to Japan this summer, for example, I was curious about the information about some electronic devices such as cameras, laptops, and cell phones. But after trying several times, I became confused about what I had scanned and finally stopped doing scanning until something interesting came to me. 

It was a designed QR code from Red Cross in Japan. This QR code quickly aroused my interest and led me to a micro website, which I could make a donation immediately.

Generally speaking, QR code can be tapped into different marketing tools. If you have a business card, instead of providing the e-mail address, company website, and phone number, a designed QR code on the card can easily  create a connection with customers if they are interested in your business. Additionally, by using designed QR code, one can make a phone call directly without having any numbers. But there are something we should keep in mind before spreading QR codes. The messages on QR codes should be clear, noticeable and the most important is, being sensitive enough for smart phones to scan.

A designed QR code is also a innovative way to create word of mouth. With the popularity of smart phones, it’s amazingly easy to share cool ideas and anything engaging. People would like to be involved in things that can interact with and then spread those ideas.

Check those QR codes out and see what you will get.

Look Who’s Talking Too Horrible to Watch

March 31, 2010 Leave a comment

So, let’s be honest, we all love those eTrade babies. They’re hilarious. Remember the golf one? Or the one where that baby puked? Good stuff. Babies are funny. Regardless of the fact that it’s basically the same exact ad concept as the Geico Cavemen but with a positive spin, it’s still an entertaining ad, and i didn’t mind my dad and aunt both forwarding it to me. Also, name another stock trading site, I dare you.

But, today they announced an eTrade MOVIE starring the babies. A talking baby movie? I liked that movie in 1989 when it was “Look Who’s Talking”. Or its sequel “Look Who’s Talking Too” or “Baby Geniuses” or “Baby Geniuses 2”. Maybe, though, I’m proving their point that a talking baby movie can’t possibly fail. Or maybe we’re gonna have another NBC Cavemen sitcom situation, and it will be a total flop. Can a viral video really create enough plot and palatable jokes to fill a whole hour and a half long movie? I’m anxious to see what happens (although you couldn’t pay me to see the movie). Either way I hope it’s filmed completely with a webcam.

Here’s a link to the Movieline article:

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