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Mobile Ticket Sales for Films

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

This weekend The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part One opened making $283.5 million in global ticket sales. According to Fandango, 22% of its ticket sales were made on mobile devices during this opening weekend.

Fandango’s mobile app allows movie goers to buy movies online, check out showtimes, watch trailers and read film reviews. Customers that buy mobile tickets will no longer have to print out a ticket to see the movie of their choice, they can simply present a 2D barcode on their phone to enter the theater. Not all theaters are participating in the mobile ticketing feature as of yet.

More and more company’s are allowing customers to use their mobile phones to make purchases. As more consumers begin to get used to purchasing items with their mobile phones, it will be interesting to see what other companies will begin to use mobile retailing features.

Just as companies no longer want to print out tickets, consumers will also want to avoid printing tickets from home, making e-tickets preferable. It seems like this feature can be used at not just movie theaters, but also concerts, sporting events and theater performances. E-tickets may begin to phase out their paper counterparts.


Look Who’s Talking Too Horrible to Watch

March 31, 2010 Leave a comment

So, let’s be honest, we all love those eTrade babies. They’re hilarious. Remember the golf one? Or the one where that baby puked? Good stuff. Babies are funny. Regardless of the fact that it’s basically the same exact ad concept as the Geico Cavemen but with a positive spin, it’s still an entertaining ad, and i didn’t mind my dad and aunt both forwarding it to me. Also, name another stock trading site, I dare you.

But, today they announced an eTrade MOVIE starring the babies. A talking baby movie? I liked that movie in 1989 when it was “Look Who’s Talking”. Or its sequel “Look Who’s Talking Too” or “Baby Geniuses” or “Baby Geniuses 2”. Maybe, though, I’m proving their point that a talking baby movie can’t possibly fail. Or maybe we’re gonna have another NBC Cavemen sitcom situation, and it will be a total flop. Can a viral video really create enough plot and palatable jokes to fill a whole hour and a half long movie? I’m anxious to see what happens (although you couldn’t pay me to see the movie). Either way I hope it’s filmed completely with a webcam.

Here’s a link to the Movieline article:

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