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“Project Glass” and Augmented Reality

December 4, 2012 Leave a comment

I was at a wedding this past weekend. My father had told me that as a marketer, I should chat with a lawyer who worked at Citrix. Citrix is an IT company at the forefront of program and device integration. Their clients benefit from products that allow their employees to work from almost anywhere, and from whatever device they have on hand at any given time.

When dinner was served at my table, another guest asked the lawyer what he thought would be the next big change that would come to the workplace. Without hesitation, the lawyer responded, saying, “Project Glass”.

Project Glass is an initiative by Google to develop “wearable” computers that display images on the eyeglass lenses. This device is based on the concept of “augmented reality”. This technology supplements the viewers’ regular vision with relevant information and statistics of everyday objects, people, and places. For instance, if you are at a baseball game, you can look at a particular baseball player you are unfamiliar with and have a display show up that gives you his batting average and other vital sports statistics.


Augmented reality is not a brand new concept. The Nintendo 3DS already incorporates this technology, as well as several iPhone applications like Yelp, a social venue rating site.


While B2B business integration possibilities are still left to the imagination, it is clear that such technology is revolutionary, and will change the way we work and live. Google is not the only technology giant to make a wearable computer equipped to supply augmented reality to consumers. Apple and Microsoft have recently filed patents that will contribute to similar devices. It is only a matter of time when information and play can be beamed straight to us with a simple glance.