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The Google-Murdoch rivalry.

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment

It seems as if search engine marketing, and especially the contextual aspect of it is under “siege”. I recently came across the  Columbia Journalism Review on Murdoch, Google and Microsoft. Apparently, Rupert Murdoch, the news Titan has decided to exclude his content from being indexed through Google.

This means that any content produced by his sites will not be available for Google, hurting thus the contextual aspect of e-marketing. There are different opinions on the subject. Most of the critics of this situation say it is a question of power between the King of Traditional media(Murdoch) and the King of new media (Google). Some say Murdoch wants to have a share of the profits that google makes through SEM.

However, for me the problem encompasses more aspects.There are ethical,political and economical questions underlying.1) The ethical  is connected to possible legal Intellectual Property  issues. Journalists produce content that Google can use to make money from.2) The political question is, if this situation continues, to the point where search engined don’t have enough content to provide and share what will happen?  Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist says that the “spirit of the internet is all about people working together”.  What if the internet , the most democratized medium on the world loses its power? Could a situation like this be a step backwards for consumers. Could this lead to the passive consumer of the pre- web 2.0 era? Also could all this be a threat for digital/interactive marketing survival and well-being?

Nick Meletopoulos.