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404 Error pages could be fun

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

The Internet isn’t just a bunch of cables, wires, modems, computers, silicon, protocols… there are people behind it! In addition to SEO/SEM, here’s a non-technological way to impress Internet users.

The above hilarious 404 error page designed by mint can definitely grab your attention before you shut off the window. Whenever there’s something wrong with your web pages, you will not depress people for not being able to access those pages; instead, people will remember that they exist!


The following are few samples that could possibly entertain users and make them smile 🙂

Is it possible to love Lego more now?

You can also play Pac-man if you want.

Web pages are not just something showing on your computer screens. They can have more personalities that distinguish them from normal sites. Remember, digital marketing includes every aspect of innovation and creativity, and those innovations could have a chance to get customers involved in the overall conversation. Though this is not the best way to improve search engine results, the ability to Interact with internet users is important that can turn risks into opportunities. Once you can make you 404 error pages like examples above, you might be able to drive the traffic back and keep the conversation going on.

Search Engine Marketing – Trigger Targeting- The Black Friday Story

November 27, 2009 2 comments

Experian Hitwise recently published a report, that depicts that online  Black Friday Traffic Up 87 Percent Pre-Thanksgiving Week. Additionally the report illustrates  a 4% increase compared to the same period in 2008. Is this something related to the bad economy? Are consumers less motivated to visit a physical store unless they find their “call to arms”?

Another interesting piece of information is related to the black friday trigger.

Top sites received traffic from Black Friday Websites. Sites such as aided in directing consumers to retailer’s landing pages. The percent of referred consumer was up 14% than that of the week ending November 21. This important online behavioral  data for marketers striving to provide optimum solutions to their  clients that are under financial stress.We need to identify new paid search opportunities especially in a rough economy such as this.

According to Jason Tabeling, director of search and media at Rosetta search partners can:

  • Help reduce cost per click at a 28% rate
  • You will still be getting 80% of search from primary search engines
  • 6 percent higher cost per conversion on the search networks versus primary search engines.
  • 87 percent of the conversions from primary search engines.

Finally if you want to discover which search partner could provide optimum search engine marketing results for you and your client, run a Referrer Report using your analytics package.

Nick Meletopoulos