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Abandoned shopping carts are costing retailers $$

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment

The holiday shopping season is upon us and some people like me prefer to do their shopping online to avoid the chaos in the malls and compare prices better. It is no surprise that Cyber Monday continues to see an increase in revenue. This year, online spending increased 17% as “consumers spent about $1.46 billion on so-called Cyber Monday, compared with $1.25 billion a year ago, making it the heaviest online spending day in history” (

I usually depend on customer reviews and my judgment of the product to make my purchase decisions so I never need to speak with a customers service agent.

However, research shows that “more than three-quarters of shoppers attempting to make an online purchase said they had been frustrated trying to obtain help when experiencing difficulty completing the purchase” according to national consumer panel survey sponsored by VHT. This same survey found that “about the same number said they had abandoned an online shopping cart due to frustration with getting the help they needed.”

“A majority of those surveyed said they would purchase more products from a website that allowed them to click or tap for customer service help.” and 75% would actually prefer such a site over the competition.

This means that online shopping retailers need to find ways to be more efficient with customers service as it is a major determinant of whether or not a customer completes a transaction, becomes a loyal customer, and shares positive word of mouth about the merchant. Especially now when they are trying to persuade shoppers to do so on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.


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Tesco: Let the stores come to people!

November 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I know some people might say, using QR Code as a marketing or promotional tool is a waste of time because only few people pay attention to it and actually scan it. However, from a marketing standpoint, it depends on how much you know about QR Code and how you apply it in a smart way.

Well, if the QR Code only leads customers to a landing page,  marketers will lose the opportunity to interact with users directly. If people can have fun just by scanning QR Code while waiting the bus or train, why not? Meanwhile, if scanning QR Code will not only amuse you but also provide some benefits such as special offers or discounts, it will amplify the overall attractiveness and incentives.

Here’s an amazing example of how QR Code can change the way when consumers do their grocery shopping.



Rather than traditional sales promotion, Tesco made it more beneficial and engaging to consumers. Tesco didn’t try to compete with the biggest opponent, E-mart, by increasing their physical store; instead, Tesco successfully create a virtual store to come closer to consumers and get people involved in the process of different shopping experience. Doing Grocery Shopping at a train station is such a smart idea to turn consumers’ waiting time into shopping time. I never thought I could save time than money when buying foods.

It’s all about how to discover consumers’ needs, how meet their needs, and how to open the window of communication. Though QR Code is usually an underestimated marketing tool, if we can think about how to integrate several digital tools into a unique marketing strategy, we might have another way to talk to our customers more efficiently and effectively.


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