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You CAN Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment

On November 29th, 2012, a post was made on Social Media Today, titled, “ 90% of Social Media Has Nothing to Do With Social Media”, that immediately caught my eye. As much as we learn in school that innovation and true customer insight comes from research and constant social media monitoring, nothing beats getting out of the office and truly experiencing life. The real life. The one outside those cyber walls. The life with fresh air, real people, real adventures and real content that makes for successful branding and marketing.

In the post, the author offers a few ideas on how to “avoid the peaks and valleys of great content and become a more dependable source of value to your consumers?” I would like to share them with you now.

Once you have read them, I hope that every office chair is left spinning as each and every one of you is out in this beautiful world bettering the company you work for as well as taking sometime to simply enjoy the little thing I like to call…. life.risks

1) Prove your brand’s promise

Undoubtedly you have a deep understanding of what your brand means to consumers’ lives and continually work to prove this through everything you do. Create compelling content by documenting, capturing, and finding new and creative ways to prove your brand’s promise. Don’t just talk about it, live it, and showcase that.

2) Showcase your product or service

While you certainly don’t want to over do your self-promotion, or try to hard sell your consumers via social media, a key reason why people are attracted to you on social media is because of your product or service. Think about showcasing your product or service, how it is used, who uses it, where it is produced, and on. The key thing here is to show the reality of your product or service, not just rhyme off information from a sell sheet.

3) Community spotlight

For too many brands a community spotlight means commenting or liking a contribution that one of your consumers made on social media. Consider spotlighting consumers who use your product or service in interesting ways, or who do particularly interesting things themselves that are related to your brand. When you’ve identified these people, reach out to them, meet with them, and find some time to see them in person to learn what they’re up to, and how your brand plays a role in their life. Chances are that others interested in your brand, will be interested in these people as well.

 4) Do something interesting

Have you ever noticed that the most interesting of your friends to follow on social media are those who live interesting lives? The reason for this is that their social media profiles mirror their real lives. The same principles hold true for brands. Find opportunities for your brand to live an interesting life and you’ll be rewarded with numerous opportunities for great content creation. Think about planning an event, making a splash with a new product launch, sponsoring a conference, or holding training sessions, to list a few ideas.

As a young professional marketer, I especially connected with the last piece of advice: do something interesting. The observation could not be truer. Why do you think so many people take such an interest in the lives of celebrities and/or professional sports players? It is because of the unique and seemingly exciting lives they live. We wish to live vicariously through them. The “abnormal” intrigues us. This common notion holds true for almost everything, especially when it comes to product branding. You must be different.

We, as marketing professionals, must be willing to take risks, go with our guts and most of all.. truly live.

What do YOU think?